How can I create an email for my Domain name in ISPC?

In order to create email accounts you should enter the ISPC and follow the steps below:

Step 1 From main menu click on DNS tab.
Step 2 From the left menu click on “Add DNS-Zone”. On the page that opens choose the desired email template. In Domain framework fill your domain name and click on “Create DNS-record”.
Step 3 Enter the DNS Zone you created. In fields “Allow zone transfers to these Ips” and "Also Notify" fill the Primary and Secondary Ip of server separating them by a comma, and then choose "Save".
  TIP  In order to fill the demanded IPs please open a ticket so as we can send them to you.
Step 4 Next from main menu select “Email” tab. Select “Add new Domain”, fill your domain name, choose one Spamfilter and save.
  TIP  We usually choose the Normal Spamfilter.
Step 5 ΑFrom the left menu select “Email Mailbox” and click on “Add new Mailbox”. On the page that opens fill your email address. E.g., enter a password for your email, set the “Quota” ie the space that you spend on this specific email according to your hosting package and save.
Step 6 To see your email you can write in a browser your domain name and then your webmail, ie
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