What is an FTP account and how do I open an FTP account in ISPC?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. FTP gives us the ability of transferring files and images from one program to a remote server.

Step 1 Enter Friktoria's control panel. On the homepage of Friktoria and specifically on the main menu select “Login” -> ”My Friktoria (CRM)" -> "Client Area”. Then select “Services”, click on the green arrow on the web hosting service, on the next page enter “Control panel login” and use the information given in “Entry details”.
Step 2 On the control panel select from main menu the tab “Sites”.
Step 3 From the left menu select “FTP-accounts” and “Add new FTP-User”. Set a username and a password and keep them so that you can use them in the FTP client program that you are going to install on your computer.
TIP : You can install Filezilla program from here.
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