How to activate domain name forward service?

In order to activate the domain name forward service follow the steps below:

Step 1 On the homepage of Friktoria and specifically in the main menu click “Login” -> ”My Friktoria (CRM)" -> "Client Area”.
Step 2 Enter your personal information and click “Login”. If you have forgotten your password click right below “Password Reminder”.
Step 3 Enter the menu “Services”.
Step 4 Click in “CONTROLPANEL LOGIN” to open in a new tab the entrance for control panel.
Step 5 In the new tab use the username and password which there are under the “CONTROLPANEL LOGIN” in
Step 6 Then select from the menu of the control panel the tab “Sites”.
Step 7 At the left menu which is displayed, in category “Websites” select “Aliasdomain for website”.
Step 8 Select at the right “Add new Aliasdomain”.
Step 9 On the next page in the field “Aliasdomain” fill the domain name you wish to redirect to another domain name. E.g. I want the domain name to be redirected to
Step 10 In the field “Parent Website” select in which site you want to be redirected to.
Step 11 Select in the field “Redirect Type” the type of the redirection you prefer.
  • L = (last rule) The initial URL remains in the browser address field.
  • R= (force redirect)Changes the URL address to the new address. (destroys the Google rank.)
  • RL= Use [R] with an [L] and not only [R]. Redirects to new (visible) addresses and then it stops with [L] (last rule).
  • R = 301, L = Use it this way so that the website you asked for will be redirected to new address permanently.
Step 12 Fill the field “Redirect Path” with the new address you want. E.g.
Step 13 Select in the field “Auto-Subdomain” if you want your domain name to respond with or without www.
Step 14 Finally, select the field “Active” and click Save.
  TIP  Basic requirement is to have created DNS zones for all your domain names.
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