How do I enable the free hosting package which is given with the purchase?

By purchasing a .gr domain name we give you a free hosting package, “Linux Shared Web Hosting – DE6L Static” suitable for a simple, small web site with static HTML pages without database. To order this package follow the steps below:

Step 1 On the homepage of Friktoria and specifically in the field “Web Hosting” click more or in the menu “Services” click the category “Web Hosting”.
Step 2 The next page shows the comparative table of the available hosting packages .Click on “Order” in the hosting package “Linux Shared Web Hosting – DE6L Static”.
Step 3 To continue with your order click “I want – Data Center Services to register a domain name for me.” In the framework write the domain name you wish to register and select from the right column the desired ending. Select “Click here and continue”. Check if the domain name you have chosen is available and if you want you can add additional endings Select “Click here to continue”.
Step 4 On the next page select the billing cycle for your hosting package and click “Add to Basket” (If you wish to select any of the additives).
Step 5 On the next page the hosting service you have ordered and the domain name you have registered are displayed. Click “Payment” to complete your order or “Continue Shopping ” to add more services.
Step 6 On the last field if you are already a registered user, enter your persona information. Otherwise fill out the required information for your subscription, select the payment method and after selecting the box “I've read and accepted Terms of Service” click order completion.
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